Test Server Update : Jun 21st 2013

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Test Server Update : Jun 21st 2013

Post by nemerle » Fri Jun 21, 2013 5:48 pm

Just a small change, I've found the bit responsible for allowing access to development commands on the client.

You can access in-game console by pressing backtick/tilde key.
To see the list of commands enter 'cmds' in the console, followed by a letter to list all commands containing the given letter.

Enjoy the Dev mode access, have fun, and share your discoveries :)
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Re: Test Server Update : Jun 21st 2013

Post by COHSAVE1 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 5:52 pm

I hope I am doing the right thing at the right place. if I do make mistakes. Due to its only being human.
ok so far I am asking for some help well a lot of it please on what ever I downloaded needs heck of a lot of updates.
the LOST MAP TO SERVER or SERVER DROP OUT! and controls movement dose not work
fly and jump Dose not work. after I go to the edit control panel and edit the key on what control dose what on a key on a keyboard. the server drops out.
I do not know who to call or who to talk to. How to get the updates.
I am in a lost of no MMO for me at this time. COH iusse 24 is the only MMO I do love and nothing else will do. Yes I do have the Valiance Online Alpha Builder version and I do not like that one. it feels a cross over between DC Universe Online and Champions Online that the game play was not done right and it feels so wrong.
then for Heroes and Villains and City of Titans is well not even close to getting ready for alpha stage.
all I have left is your people as Segs to help me out solve my COH crave please help. I want my game back up running asap.. I do understand COX Segs is not ready and there is a tone of work to be done.

The other idea I have on mind is play COH or COX with out the use of internet servers. that might speed things up a bit that way. its a option I wanted to note,
any ideas I have in mind no mater rather its good one or not. at least give that idea a try. and I hope for best
thank you for your time. if any game designer that is working on this COX Segs I do like to talk to him or she about it
thank you

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