City of Heores blues

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City of Heores blues

Post by COHSAVE1 » Mon May 26, 2014 9:28 am

right now I just got my self a new gamming computer and its crappy hardware/driver crash drama and very bad customer service from MSI it was installed with windows 8.1
and it was a nightmare. it had a lots of problems. hardware/driver crash drama. I learned that all the drivers is bata. including the nVdia GT870M with 3 gigs of GDDR 5 memory on board.
programs and apps starting at random and with out my control to do so.
cerateing new partions of the hard drive. when they are supose to be one or two partions on the hard drive. I ended up with 16 and still getting worse.
the driver disc that comes with it is missing a ton of drivers. what it have dose not install. tones of error messages to block the installation of the drivers.
then go on MSI download driver to download the lastest drivers and reseach the driver for the right graphic card is a nightmare. its bata. all the drivers is bata and MSI put the computer on the market
trying to beat the pants off Apple Computers and Dell and every one else that is a lame. it supose to be the state of the art gamming computer with the best gamming grpahic card on the market and all to find out it dose not work. raly GT70 Dominator 895 is a joke. I got 3 motherboards from MSI for my tower based case. they all failed. from right out of the box filled with bad preformance parts and bad drivers and breaking the parts. by shorting it out. So I made a call not to buy any MSI motherboards then done a research and found out that EVGA makes the best gamming motherboards
then 5 years of using it its still working great still beathing the pans of MSI and ASUS. it done fantastic on City of Heroes.
right now buying a gamming notebook now is bad. with a O.S that people do not want. and people calling in there dealers for refund on that dead computer.
windows 8.1 again running like Windows Vista. a pain in the neck O.S that dose not work. crashing drivers when being installed. parts do not work.
blu-screen of death. the red flash of death.
how about this install the audio drivers and get error message while its being installed and another error after its isntalled telling me to install the audio card. how we all know that Gamming notebooks do not use Audio card. its intergrated on the motherboard. so that motherboard is not working on the drivers that was developed for it.

while there is another set of problems. this computer is designed to be used for City of Heroes. can make perfiect good use of the Ultra gamming graphic settings becuase its got two grpahic chips nvidia and intell. I still want City of heroes. is here any updates bow for the private server? get it to work? when is the next update? i missed City of Heroes so much been on at 12/2004 and as a great sales man dose tell me . any sales man wants to sell a product that people cannot live with out. city of hereos is one of those products

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