What is SEGS all about ?

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What is SEGS all about ?

Post by nemerle » Mon Apr 21, 2008 3:45 pm

SEGS has a really simple goal: creating and facilitating creation of worlds.
And those worlds have better have some super-entities in them !
So.. this is pretty abstract goal we have set ourselves. So what steps are we to take towards it in forseeable future ?
SEGS will provide:

World selection service (Registration of worlds, Querying)
Asset management ( dynamic and static updates )
Various common MMO world components, both code ( AI algorithms, chat services, logging, persistance, load balancing, server templates, client components ) and content ( whole worlds, scripts, client-side assets etc.).
And as a part of SEGS we will provide source code for various worlds created using our platform.
Currently we have two example projects
1. Our old WIP project for an emulator of existing commercial super-hero MMO ( downgraded to supporting only very old client versions, as to avoid stepping on any corporate property )
2. Still-in-the-making bare bones ( literally, as avatars are stick figures ) example of a full MMO.
Comments ? Suggestions ?
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