Why do MMORPGs suck?

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Post by Adrom » Thu Sep 21, 2006 3:26 pm

No reason to lock it up. Who decides that are the moderators of this forum. In fact, I think all the discussions made here weren't "nothing". I think it was pretty interesting to read the different opinions and ideas presented here. Just try to analyse... That's a good tip for ya.

Malign... If you research some L2 Emulators, you will find L2J, wich is actually the emulator I mentioned in my last post. I don't know details of this emulator, because I just downloaded it this week, and I had not yet time to install and set it up. I'm willing to test it on my machine, cause I want to implement a rule that I think is pretty interesting, and it's similar to a D&D rule of atribute progression. I think that it is possible, cause there is a brazilian server (L2Brasil) that has the following rule:

- When you achieve the level 80, you can go back to lvl 1 and gain 1 aditional atribute point, wich you can apply to any atribute of your choice.

Since it is possible to apply this rule server-side, I think I could create a rule extending the maximum lvl to 100 and allowing the character to earn 1 aditional atribute point each 10 lvls, to apply on the atribute he wants, with the maximum of 5 points per atribute. This rule can allow a better personalization of the chars. Plus, I would "fix" the problem of the "overpower" of the Archers simply giving the chance to learn Deflect Arrows to the classes that don't have any kind of distance atacks, like Tyrants, Gladiators, etc.

I'm not sure if it is really possible. But, since the Ragnarok emulators allow to extend the maximum level until 256, server-side, I think the same can be done with L2, perhaps with CoH too. The only problem is discover how to do it. Ragnarok is much more simple, though the atribute system more complex and complete than L2 and CoH. Maybe it is something that deserves some attention...

I'm no hard coder, and I don't know these codes of emulators. Never made one, neither modified. But I will try to do it with L2J. Who knows...


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Post by Fork » Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:13 pm

Try to stay on topic, buddy =).

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Post by Warhead » Fri Sep 22, 2006 12:06 am

Oh for the love of god :shock: .

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Post by Aurex » Sun Nov 19, 2006 1:44 am

An older topic, but one I felt the need to reply to, rather than just sit quietly and watch.

This sounds like a very good idea. I can only think of one game that was actually swayed by it's userbase, and that was UO. When major changes came by, not everyone liked them, so they split the servers. Some for those for the changes, and some for those against them. (Naturally, the server population of those against the changes were much higher)

If CoH did something like that, I would still be playing. Now, don't get me wrong, I like changes to the game. But it felt more like each time "some minor changes" were implmemented, I had to re-think each one of my characters. I felt as though I was paying to play test, rather than paying to play.

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Post by Grug » Wed Dec 20, 2006 6:03 pm

I remember seeing a video a long while ago, before CoH was released yet. They first explained the archtypes. Here's the quote, as exact as possible:

"We decided to change the system [which let any hero pick any powers they wanted] because of balance issues. Some people could choose a mix of powers so that they could do anything they wanted. They could heal, do crazy damage, and crowd control, and didn't need to group at all. On the other hand, it was also possible to make some really poor choices and wind up with a character that was hard or impossible to play. So we implemented Archtypes"

Short of it: NOT EVERYONE IS A L33T CoX PLAYER, What if casual players want to try some pvp without having to crunch numbers on enahncements and damage output? You complain about "Uber Builds" and how everyone should be able to pick whatever powers they want "for freedom". But if everyone could pick whatever powers they want, "uber builds" would just be even more popular because eventually there will be [u:c7c96d190a]ONE[/u:c7c96d190a] combo that is stronger than all the others, rather than several as limited by archetype and power sets.

However, i do agree there should be an "Advanced" server where you can pick whatever powers you want, so super tweakers like the TC can get what they want and stop feeling so superior to the rest of us.

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Post by Merlynn » Fri Dec 22, 2006 7:27 am

You're an idiot who doesn't understand how human nature works. As long as there is ANY advantage to be had,people will abuse it. Number crunchers who take the time to super analyze their builds will ALWAYS have an advantage over the casual player. They will ALWAYS find a way to go for pure pwnage. Be it "phat lootz",tweaking,or just plain experience,someone will have some kind of edge over you.

PvP balance is a delusional fever dream chased after by game developers much like alchemists sought to turn lead into gold. It doesn't exist. You will NEVER have a completely fair fight. Someone will always have better gear,a better build,or just plain be a better player. And don't even get me started on hacks and scripts.

So what is the best why to handle PvP? Well,one thing is to help your fellow players. If someone's having trouble,offer suggestions and ideas. Find out what kind of build they're going for and let them benefit from your experience. How's about actually helping people like a good teammate should? A group is always more powerful than a single build,no matter how uber. There's always a ceiling to be hit and,at that point,one's personal power can go no further. Then it comes down to how many friends you made. Get your head in the game and do your best. So what if you don't win? It's just a game. Go over your strategy and try to come up with a better one. It's called learning. Look into it.

And since you've brought it up,lets look at how well ATs have worked out. First,Blasters were "overpowered" cause they could do insane damage,much like their AT is supposed to do. So they got nerfed. And every nerf since seems to hit them the hardest. Tanks have a ton of armor skills. While GDN hit them hard,Blasters took a worse hit because they basically now have NO protection. Damage caps,which most ATs will never hit,are a very real problem for Blasters who rely SOLELY on damage to keep them going. Travel power suppression trips up Blasters most. Defenders get heals,Controllers get holds to cover their escapes,Tanks and Scrappers rarely need to run from a fight. So who's the one who relies on travel powers to get out of trouble should an AoE attack get too much attention or the tide of battle turns? Blasters.

AoE caps,Enhancement Diversity,it all fucked over the Blaster most. So now my Blaster is weaker than any other AT. How has the AT system worked out for me? It didn't. I'm left with a character who can barely handle even level mobs. The only way he'd survive in PvP is to take his shot and run and hope he killed the guy. This is NOT fair and balanced. This is not working. All it's doing is taking away from my fun. So,once again,why should I praise a game for not being fun and failing to do what the nerfs were supposed to do? Anyone with eyes can tell you none of the nerfs worked in their intended capacities from day 1. So why should they be supported?

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Re: Why do MMORPGs suck?

Post by savecityofheroes » Mon May 16, 2016 3:46 am

Trying to make a deal with Korea's NCSOFT is the worst! I know. No phone support,. MMORPG only works on online servers and extreme heavy use of 3rd Party publishers like Korea's NCSOFT!. The issues are power and money. Like NCSOFT demand something like 100 billion payments a day on time card payments. COH did not make it. well you know the history in Aug 30/2012. The hell we gone though on 11/30/2012
for COH fans City of Heroes is the only MMORPG on the market you want. Every thing else that is left running forget about it. I know the pain and anger. I spent a great deal of money on time card payments and Paragon Point shop buying a ton of points. . I know people still use the paragon point shop soon after Aug 30/2012 some fans keep paying $100.00 just on Paragon Studio points store. trying to buy credits thinking the extra money will save the game. The talks on youtube about it. I was not on COH for the most part of 2012.
due to my constant moving out. Private internet account not allowed. when I got the Aug 30/2012 bomb shell news I did not get it 11/15/2012.

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Re: Why do MMORPGs suck?

Post by savecityofheroes » Mon May 16, 2016 3:54 am

any way I killed playing online games of any kind
if COH dose get back on the market. I will come back.
However the rebirth of COH is dead
I am sorry to say that is what is going on at this time
I hate the leaders in South Korea. All they do is take out money and give us bad time
millions of dollars a year on COH gone to South Korea. all that money from 2004 -2012 is in South Korea
and its not coming back to the USA as far as the money is concern.
there is no free trade any more.
its one way trade. We get robbed.
This is why I am voting for Donald Trump to try to take back the American product City of Heroes back on the market for the world to enjoy. Kill all the online 3rd party publishers in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Komg, China and any one else that is ripping off USA or the world. Cut out the middle man. and let the game studio like Paragon Studios take care of the billing and publishing needs

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