SEGS VM Instructions

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SEGS VM Instructions

Post by ldilley » Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:57 pm

SEGSVM is a Debian ( Linux-based VirtualBox ( image containing everything you need to run a SEGS server or hack on the source code. It includes a C++ compiler and debugger, multiple libraries for things like ACE, PostgreSQL, SWIG and others, the QT Creator IDE, pgAdmin, Subversion, and more. If you are not a developer, do not let the aforementioned list of software intimidate you. It is completely optional. SEGS is easy to use even if you are unfamiliar with Linux or UNIX-like operating systems.

At this time, the guest operating system used is compiled for amd64. As a result, the guest OS will not load on systems with processors that lack support for long mode and/or virtualization extensions (if loading from a 32-bit host OS). Most modern processors support this feature. Check the CPU settings in your BIOS and ensure that SVM (Secure Virtual Machine) or AMD-V for AMD processors or Intel-VT (virtualization technology) for Intel processors is enabled. Please note that it is possible to run this guest VM even on a 32-bit host OS so long as your CPU supports virtualization extensions!

Installation Instructions:
1.) Download VirtualBox for your platform at and install the software.
2.) Download SEGSVM from, uncompress it, and load it from within VirtualBox.
3.) Fire up the virtual machine and login as root to update the system (there have been some changes/fixes after the large image was made available for download.) The password is "secret".
4.) Issue the following commands:

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cd /tmp && wget
chmod 700
This will update several files on your system including the SEGS server init script, configuration updater, and system updater. Feel free to delete this script once it has completed its run.

5.) Now you'll want to update your OS and the SEGS source code. As root, issue the following command:

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This command will patch your operating system, install newer packages if any are available, and update your SEGS server software by retrieving the latest source code and building it.

6.) Next, run:

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This should hopefully update your SEGS server configuration file with some relevant networking information and copy the template into place if it is the first time running.

7.) Lastly, run:

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/etc/init.d/segs restart
To stop and start your SEGS authentication service.

8.) Enjoy!
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Re: SEGS VM Instructions

Post by pikabko1 » Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:24 am

The old COX download that did not work so well. back in 2012-2013. is there a new version that works better like to some missions ? it is 4/2015 this do change over time

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Re: SEGS VM Instructions

Post by savecityofheroes » Mon May 16, 2016 3:00 am

Sorry I have a problem. what ever that is There is no download link. Its a dead end
links. and I do not know what is this for. links that do not download. and links that been pulled off the internet. you may want to find some one else . Who ever these people are its a joke

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