[DW] Design workshops session 0

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[DW] Design workshops session 0

Post by nemerle » Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:07 am

Welcome to the first mini design session

This series (Design workshops) is aimed at our visitors interested in creating MMO worlds. It is our hope that they will promote our shared understanding of this diverse domain :)

Suggestions for topics of those sessions are welcome ( please send those by priv-msg to me)
Only requirement is this : every design problem shall have at least one tie-in to our overall theme: SUPER-ENTITIES :)

So enough with those introductions, here is the first challenge:

What do YOU think is the minimal set of components for simplest kind of MMO environment
( flat world, players only, player communication, and following our 'SUPER' requirement implementing 'flight' power)

Please structure your ideas somewhat like this:
Component - used for/providing
Component - used for/providing
Component - used for/providing
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