Bad call to changebody

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Bad call to changebody

Post by Tever » Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:15 pm

OK, I downloaded CoX Setup, which automatically installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\CoX. I followed all the steps outlined in the Test Client Setup thread. I was a little hazy on the prerequisites, but I have the latest released build of CoX (not the unreleased beta), so I plowed ahead anyway. I downloaded and ran the SEGS executor, input the server ID, and pointed it to the above mentioned folder.

On the login screen, I couldn't see my mouse cursor, but I managed to muddle through getting a test character started and got into Atlas. My character was see-through, and there were no NPCs. (I've seen mention of a video, but haven't found it yet, so I'm not sure if that part is normal or not.) I went into Options and switched to Windowed mode, then restarted the game.

I ran the game from the CoX-client shortcut, which loaded it up into Fullscreen mode again. Still couldn't see my mouse, but my character was still there, so I tried to go back into the game and switch back to windowed mode. The game hung on loading, and when I finally brought up task manager to close it, I found an error popup that said "Bad Call to changebody."

Figuring I just wasn't supposed to do that, I ran the SEGS executor again, loaded up into windowed mode, and was able to see my mouse. I input some login info was informed that the login server was down.

That was yesterday, and I've been trying periodically since then with no change. So am I supposed to be using the client or the executor? Have I done something wrong, or is the login server just down still?

ETA: OK, I just succeeded in logging using the executor and got the bad call to changebody error while loading Atlas.

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Re: Bad call to changebody

Post by Flee » Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:03 am

You have to make a new character every time you log into the game. That's whats making that error, it doesn't like the same toon twice. Also, the toons are transparent for now, and there are no npcs yet.

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