COHSAVE1 & Cityofheroessave2's Very Important Problems

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Re: City of Heroes Patches

Post by COHSAVE1 » Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:58 am

Hi there I had been wondering about the same thing. well about patches and update download. when a frsh disc COH was installed.
icon 1.71 is dead if I can conbine COX segs and that con 1.71 to gether with the custome creator. I do now know running COH or COX Segs with out the use of the internet server that will be great
so missions all of them with out internet servers its going to take time to get private servers to get on track. so I think my idea of none internet gamming will be great while the servers are being constucted what you do think of my solution?>

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Post by COHSAVE1 » Sat Feb 01, 2014 7:44 am

I had been watching a lot of youtube videos on City of Heroes. youtube and Google+ got locked to stop people for giving great comments to COH videos. reading comments on my youtube account had changed from confusing to get the hell out madness. what google+ did is block close accounts you must have this bat tool in all accounts that is not allowed for people to use. forget about looking it iup. its written by fools not for somple people that want to keep it simple. igot something like 6 youtube accounts and sevel gmail accounts that I am closing one way or another its not working.. its reminds me of the roach hotel. Roches some in and cannot go out. the instuctions clames to go to the bata tool. what the hell? any way. what to d oabut my future plans about doing a COH video on youtube? at this point I cannot do it/. people cannot use the freedom of rights to comment people. how great I done it or how badly I done it/. no way to gather inforamtion on what I done. shell I do a City of Heroes video of some kind? whats your input on this? if I cannot talk to people on youtube then whats the point being there to begin with?
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Re: Test server connection...

Post by COHSAVE1 » Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:00 am

yesI got lost map to server drop out as give the best of luck on the people working on it6.
I remember the giikd ikd days trying to do as much as I can and enjoy live at it is. and find my self stuck in the onlything I cannot do is COH.
and doing private server is the best hope that any one can do. I have some heavy cravings to do missions.
oh the great old days doing PVP gettink killed a billion times over.. the good times and the bad times. imissed those dday.
UGGGHAAA Dam it NC Soft Please excuse my FRENCH.
I like to wish the people working o nthe servers to get a full owrking MMO up and running the best way posible3.
I realy wish we had the late members of Paragon Studios to help us out in our need of help.
I hope I am not repeating my self this time. its hard not to repeat my self when the pain w with out my COH is dead
please I am not hear to upset any one. I am hear to try to agree with some one and see what ccna be done ASAP

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Re: Graphical Bug

Post by COHSAVE1 » Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:07 am

I missed going though the BREAKOUT zone doing training missions on COV. Good luck with that. O hman I missed killing Gitant Monsters every one is stuck .; I gto lost who to call on the phone to get CEO from other big busienss to buy of COH and get COH to work. what about calling big gammming compnay to buy of COH from NCSOFT? any good leads for me to go to?

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