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Support FAQ - Read this before posting

Post by Fork » Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:21 am

Hey all, here's a small list of current state of the project questions that are known issues/have been answered:

1. How do I use SEGS to play CoH?
See nemerle's very simple connecting guide: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8016

2. Well this is lame, it's not working properly ... I can barely move around, let alone serve justice to villainous scum!
That is correct, the current state of the project is being able to log into the map server, glitch walk around a little bit and chat with fellow glitch walkers until randomly being disconnected from the server. All of which are incredible accomplishments largely attributed to nemerle's mad coding skillz and a lot of invested hard work.

TL;DR - You cannot play CoH in its full glory, the project is still under development for (????!) amount of time.

3. The character movement is really jerky and I'm rubberbanding all over the place!
Nemerle has an explanation:

This problem is actually pretty 'funny' :
1. The server's World update rate is currently set pretty low ( 2 updates /s. ), thus avatar positions are updated rarely/inconsistently ( there are some timing issues to solve here too )
2. The client has pretty complex ( currently not implemented ) movement smoothing/prediction routines which would allow server to send reduced amount of data/ make things look smoother

I, or anyone that's hosting a server could up the update rate to something like 10/s but that's just stopgap measure.
4. I lose connection to mapserver after X amount of time
This is a known issue explained by nemerle:

1. The server is restarted every 45 minutes ( to cleanup any problems mostly caused by not properly handling new clients trying to connect )

2. The server can crash and will crash often from the login/logout being buggy and the instability created from adding the ability to view other players.

5. What ports does CoH use?
The default ports are outgoing tcp 2106 and udp 7002/7003

6. Can I see other people and chat with them on the server?
Yes you can, but their character models will look horizontally distorted - this is a known issue.

7. I can't connect to the server, is it down? How much should I panic?
If you can't connect to the server, it's likely down for a short amount of time until nemerle can hit it with a wrench.

8. I would like to run my own server/play with the code, how do I get started?
Lloyd has a great post to get you started viewtopic.php?f=7&t=8025

9. How can I help out or get involved with the project?
There's an entire subforum dedicate to this, go check it out! viewforum.php?f=84

Also take some time to browse through nemerle's test server updates here: viewforum.php?f=16
He provides a lot of good information on known bugs and the current state of the project

And some general rules for posting questions - please take some time to look around first; it's likely your question has already been answered by other posts. Attach any screenshots, error messages, or any other useful information so we can better help you address the problem. And try to keep bug reporting/asking for help in the Support section to help declutter the Test Server section.

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