I.P address entered not working

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I.P address entered not working

Post by pikabko1 » Mon May 11, 2015 8:35 pm not working. what ever it is its notworking
also the email address on the log in I used had to be closed due to billions and billions of crecit card spam
normaly people buy a 1T hard drive to isntall there games on. not to store emails
so yahoo mail did shut down that email.

the next ting I needed to talk about is this
I had to create a segs account. I got some serious problems such as banned for hecking. for me to something like that.
A) I have to go to collage to learn computer language
B)I cannot afford collage
C)I do not have the know how to handle that kind of collage paper work
D)I need the miti billion dollar servers as the tool to do any hecking job that I cannot afford
E) SPAM. That is selling a product or service people do not need. I am not do home business so there is no way to do any spam
I do not email spam on to others.

whats is this about some one filed a crimal report on hecking to a 3rd party fake agency on hecking.
I do not have the know how to heck in to servers
I think you got crossed with some one else and put the blame on me
I do not have computer language skills to heck in to servers
I do not spam. I do not sell product and service people do not need
This is a level A Class action civil law suit that is being filed
I am going to find out

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