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Post by Fork » Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:12 pm

In honor of Friday the 13th, espically in October, I must whip up a thread about it! Here's a little background history of the superstious date!

Let's look at this objectively for a second:

* In order to organize time, human beings created calendars.
* As part of today's dominant calendar system, every year is divided into 12 periods called months, consisting of roughly 30 days each.
* All days are also grouped into sets of seven, called weeks.
* In the Western world, a significant chunk of the population suspects bad things will happen whenever the 13th day of a month occurs on the day of the week called Friday.

Like many human beliefs, the fear of Friday the 13th (known as paraskevidekatriaphobia) isn't exactly grounded in scientific logic. But the really strange thing is that most of the people who believe the day is unlucky offer no explanation at all, logical or illogical. As with most superstitions, people fear Friday the 13th for its own sake, without any need for background information.

[b:d61d69416b]The Knights Templar[/size:d61d69416b][/b:d61d69416b]

There have been a number of events known as "Black Fridays" in history. Usually, these events are devastating. Historians propose the origin of the "Black Friday" was the simultaneous arrest of thousands of Knights Templars on October 13, 1307 (Friday), to be later tortured into admitting heresy. King Phillip the Fair of France and the Pope were jealous of the fame, power, and famous wealth the Templar's possessed. They ordered sealed letters sent all over the known world to opened at the same time. The letters were opened, and in accord with their instructions, the Templars were seized. Jacques De Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was brought before the inquisition and forced to confess to charges including heresy toward the church and practicing homosexuality. When forced to disclose the names of fellow templars and the undiscovered wealth of the Order of the Knights Templar, De Molay refused and was burned at the stake on an island near the Cathedral of Notre Dame in France.

[b:d61d69416b]British Tradition[/b:d61d69416b][/size:d61d69416b]

Both Friday and the number 13 were once closely associated with capital punishment. In British tradition, Friday was the conventional day for public hangings, and there were supposedly 13 steps leading up to the noose.


Sailors were particularly superstitious in this regard, often refusing to ship out on a Friday. According to unverified legend (very likely untrue), the British Navy commissioned a ship in the 1800s called H.M.S. Friday, in order to quell the superstition. The navy selected the crew on a Friday, launched the ship on a Friday and even selected a man named James Friday as the ship's captain. Then, one Friday morning, the ship set off on its maiden voyage... and disappeared forever. A similar, entirely factual story is the harrowing flight of Apollo 13.

[b:d61d69416b]The Christain Tradition[/b:d61d69416b][/size:d61d69416b]

The fear of Friday the 13th stems from two separate fears -- the fear of the number 13 and the fear of Fridays. Both fears have deep roots in Western culture, most notably in Christian theology.

Thirteen is significant to Christians because it is the number of people who were present at the Last Supper (Jesus and his 12 apostles). Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th member of the party to arrive.

Christians have traditionally been wary of Fridays because Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Additionally, some theologians hold that Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit on a Friday, and that the Great Flood began on a Friday. In the past, many Christians would never begin any new project or trip on a Friday, fearing they would be doomed from the start.

Some historians suggest the Christian distrust of Fridays is actually linked to the early Catholic Church's overall suppression of pagan religions and women. In the Roman calendar, Friday was devoted to Venus, the goddess of love. When Norsemen adapted the calendar, they named the day after Frigg, or Freya, Norse goddesses connected to love and sex. Both of these strong female figures once posed a threat to male-dominated Christianity, the theory goes, so the Christian church vilified the day named after them.

[b:d61d69416b]Norse Mythology[/size:d61d69416b][/b:d61d69416b]

The Christian perspective on Friday and 13 is the most relevant today, but it's only one part of the Friday the 13th tradition.

Some trace the infamy of the number 13 back to ancient Norse culture. In Norse mythology, the beloved hero Balder was killed at a banquet by the mischievous god Loki, who crashed the party of twelve, bringing the group to 13. This story, as well as the story of the Last Supper, led to one of the most entrenched 13-related beliefs: You should never sit down to a meal in a group of 13.

Ultimately, the complex folklore of Friday the 13th doesn't have much to do with people's fears today. The fear has much more to do with personal experience. People learn at a young age that Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky, for whatever reason, and then they look for evidence that the legend is true. The evidence isn't hard to come by, of course. If you get in a car wreck on one Friday the 13th, lose your wallet, or even spill your coffee, that day will probably stay with you. But if you think about it, bad things, big and small, happen all the time. If you're looking for bad luck on Friday the 13th, you'll probably find it.

Post what you think!

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Post by gustav » Sat Oct 14, 2006 12:34 am

i was born Friday the 13th.... so i just love when ever its friday the 13th :D

(and its true)

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Post by z3r0b347 » Sat Oct 14, 2006 2:21 pm

I'm not a big superstitious person just because i know humans made the date, not a higher being.

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Post by DarkJin » Sat Oct 14, 2006 7:30 pm

[quote:806fb0e563=\"gustav\"]i was born Friday the 13th.... so i just love when ever its friday the 13th :D

(and its true)[/quote:806fb0e563]

man you know your birthday is like February 9th or something :P

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Post by gustav » Sat Oct 14, 2006 10:55 pm

[quote:7708cb77ed=\"DarkJin\"][quote:7708cb77ed=\"gustav\"]i was born Friday the 13th.... so i just love when ever its friday the 13th :D

(and its true)[/quote:7708cb77ed]

man you know your birthday is like February 9th or something :P

i was born: Friday the 13th 09:13 am december 1991


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Post by Naminator » Sun Oct 15, 2006 8:20 am

lol Black cat???
I have one at home, and I aint getting any bad luck, infackt I have shizle loads of good luck today!!

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Post by Elizz » Sun Oct 15, 2006 11:44 pm

Friday was a normal day for me. :D And I also have a black cat.

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Post by chidoku » Mon Oct 16, 2006 1:22 am

Friday 13th is the only day on the year I have real good luck ^^ I am actually more lucky that day then any other day...don't know why.

Oh, and I wish I was born Friday the 13th...but I was born on sunday 13th instead.

Popquiz: If you where born on Sunday the 13th, 1982, what month is it? :D

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