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Post by malign » Sun Dec 24, 2006 6:55 pm

Dear CoHEmu Citizens,

It has been a slow year. Our numbers are very few. However, our end goal has not changed. We will ultimately arrive at this end goal. Sadly, time is a factor with the production of anything. All in all, I would like to thank all of the CoHEmu Community for making this project fun, a great place to learn and a nice place to meet new people.

Namely I would like to thank the following people:

[b:42f9a89b71]nemerle[/b:42f9a89b71]: Brilliant man. Had he a streak of evil in him, he would probably achieve world domination. In reality, he has saved us many headaches with portability with the implementation of the ACE library. He can reverse engineer an x86 program with his monitor turned off. A lot of effort gets put forth on this guy's behalf. The project owes him a great deal.

[b:42f9a89b71]Darawk[/b:42f9a89b71]: Gone but not forgotten. He was responsible for nailing the authentication data and reimplementing it into CoHEmu.

[b:42f9a89b71]Fork[/b:42f9a89b71]: The CoHEmu Watchdog. His ever-vigilante personality keeps the forum and IRC safe from petty would-be thugs. Send him some coupons for Chic-a-Fil's for his long-time and dedicated work with the project.

[b:42f9a89b71]Kalean[/b:42f9a89b71]: The local "Den Mother". She is the motherly entity of the project. Complete with lines such as, "Have you had your dinner yet?" and "I should wash your mouth out with soap.". She has also coded and partially designed the old website. Has been much help since her appearance in the community.

[b:42f9a89b71]ShadowRex[/b:42f9a89b71]: Good guy. Staunch CoHEmu advocate. Has spread the word of CoHEmu to many forums on the 'net in an effort to get more help. He does resemble the Campbell's soup kid with his red hair and freckles though. I just had to throw that out there.

[b:42f9a89b71]HotShotX[/b:42f9a89b71]: An aeronautics engineer college boy who hopes to work for UAC when he graduates (Union Aerospace Corporation(tm)). Has helped pass some wait time with his game recommendations (Space Cowboy and Gun).

[b:42f9a89b71]Tonster[/b:42f9a89b71]: Graciously donates a portion of his resources to the project. Is very quiet and does not interfere much at all with the going-ons of the project. But a lot of thanks goes out to him for his bandwidth, CPU and memory.

[b:42f9a89b71]DrPhil[/b:42f9a89b71]: The local IRC psychologist. Not really. Fun guy to drink beer and play XBox with though.

[b:42f9a89b71]Athena[/b:42f9a89b71]: I've often imagined what she looks like in my mind. Eventually, I will make her real! I have augmented her intelligence a few times but have always resulted in failure in the eyes of ShadowRex. [i:42f9a89b71]That bot just talks too much now and she's dumb.[/i:42f9a89b71] --ShadowRex

[b:42f9a89b71]Merlyn[/b:42f9a89b71]: Impossible to know personally, he does construct mad 5-page essays though. Good debates and stances, albeit a bit biased... but fun nonetheless.

[b:42f9a89b71]Potajito[/b:42f9a89b71]: Not sure what his name means or where he hails from (I guess Spain?) But he helped to uncover compile and run-time errors. Many thanks go to him for his findings and help.

[b:42f9a89b71]StarkRavingMad[/b:42f9a89b71]: Helps when he can. This guy was responsible for formulating the Windows compilation instructions which we employ on the forum and within Trac. He has also submitted some code changes. A real trooper; His help has not gone unnoticed.

[b:42f9a89b71]gustav[/b:42f9a89b71]: Like an annoying little brother. You can't help but refuse to ban him... unless it's for a limited time. It's a love/hate thing. He has brought some laughs and a few "wtf is wrong with this person?" comments in IRC.

[b:42f9a89b71]Jopnick[/b:42f9a89b71]: A recent addition to the team. Has attended some design sessions and is knowledgeable in the ways of the world. The only downside to this guy is that he's a Canadian.

[b:42f9a89b71]Ping King[/b:42f9a89b71]: Often shows signs of paranoid delusions such as believing all of the logic bombs, virii, trojans, worms, adware, spyware and spam of the world is out to target his computer. Usually only maintains connectivity to IRC for 5 minutes then quickly vanishes with the idea that the bad h4x0rs did not have sufficient time to get a trace on his IP address.

Many thanks to any of those I have missed. I just woke up so I may be forgetful at the moment. =)

The CoHEmu Team wishes you all a big Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and a Happy New Year! We hope 2007 will be a good year and brings us the opportunity to meet some new and exciting people and make some leaps and bounds in the way of the project's progress.


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Post by gustav » Sun Dec 24, 2006 8:04 pm

Merry christmas malign and thanks :)

[quote:a64db42360]gustav: Like an annoying little brother. You can't help but refuse to ban him... unless it's for a limited time. It's a love/hate thing. He has brought some laughs and a few "wtf is wrong with this person?" comments in IRC. [/quote:a64db42360]
what can i say ? thanks i guess, thought it would b something worse :D

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Post by Destrox » Sun Dec 24, 2006 8:26 pm

very nice , but like a present you can unban all plz? :wink:

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Post by nemerle » Sun Dec 24, 2006 8:43 pm

Merry Xmass, my dear friends,
I hoped to give you a nice present for this lil' holiday, alas work and world have conspired against me. So instead, I shall pledge to You, to the Community of the Waiting Ones. I'll work hard to get us all into the promised land of the Map, before my first year of work on this great projects comes to an end.
"Ich was in one sumere dale,
in one suthe diyhele hale,
iherde ich holde grete tale
an hule and one niyhtingale."

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Post by shadowrex » Sun Dec 24, 2006 8:43 pm

I love you malign and your my hero.[img:7fe4de5562][/img:7fe4de5562]

I used to have intimate conversations with Athena until she talked back, then she just started to nag me about [i:7fe4de5562]her[/i:7fe4de5562] needs. :P

And merry christmas to everyone

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Post by Destrox » Sun Dec 24, 2006 8:44 pm

so isn't more to wait? the project can be a christmas presenT? :D

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Post by Runny » Sun Dec 24, 2006 9:04 pm

Wheres me?

*realises Runny doesnt argue much or post much so meh*

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