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Post by nemerle » Mon Dec 25, 2006 9:41 pm

There is a new opportunity for YOU to help our project :)
We need one or two people to provide us all with downpatchers each time we support newer client version , or when Cryptic rolls out a new update.
So the tasks of the chosen ones will be simple:
[*:5f9af5200b] Create a new downpatcher (using approved client version, updated client version and a free software package like Patchmaker)
[*:5f9af5200b] Provide some easy/fast way for our community to get their hands on the most recent downpatcher. (Bittorent/other)
[*:5f9af5200b] Bonus Task: minimizing the size of downpatcher executables.
People that are known to us, will be given much more serious consideration,
Please send your applications by forum/irc PM to me, Malign or Fork.
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